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About Healthy Built Homes

Healthy Built Homes is here to help you make your home as healthy, safe, energy efficient and cost effective as possible. We offer a wealth of advice and information on green building and eco-friendly practices, renewable building resources and tips on running an energy efficient home.

Green building is the practice of using environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable building practices when constructing your home, along with using eco-friendly heating, cooling and electrical appliances. There are a number of benefits to building a green home, from saving the planet to saving your wallet. Installing solar panels and using energy efficient home appliances are just some ways in which you can decrease your annual energy costs and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

Healthy Built Homes provides a free and easy to use price quote service to help individuals find approved builders, contractors and businesses that offer a range of services to suit you and your home's needs. Whether you're looking for an energy audit, insulation installers or want to have an entire house built, Healthy Built Homes is here to assist you.

By using energy saving products and sustainable building practices you will have the peace of mind that you are providing yourself and your family with a safe, healthy, eco-friendly home while also saving valuable resources and, importantly, saving money on your energy bills.

Healthy Built Homes