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Central Air Cleaner Repair for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

A well-functioning air cleaner is an important part of keeping your air clean, healthy and safe to breathe. As more environmental groups shed light on the growing problem of indoor air quality, these units are an excellent tool to keep your home safe and healthy. Find a contractor who has worked with your specific brand of air cleaner if you can. While there are many similarities between air cleaners, different brands may sometimes use proprietary technologies that can be confusing for people who lack experience with them. Many of these units also sometimes use non-standard sizes for nuts, washers, bolts and other fixtures. If your contractor has no experience with your brand, then he or she may have a hard time finding the necessary parts for your repair job. Find a contractor who will provide you with a warranty on the repairs he or she does. This warranty should last for at least a few months after the date of the repair work. If the repairs end up failing after one week, you'll be stuck paying for yet another service call to fix the problems caused by the first one. This can make the repairs very costly over time.

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