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Whole House & Attic Fans for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

Did you know that you can provide your family with healthy, safe air quality while actually reducing your home's energy costs? Installing a whole house fan provides homeowners with desired comfort within their home without the need for expensive air conditioning or cooling equipment. Whole house fans are designed to force hot and compressed air into the attic. At this point the unwanted air is forced out of soffits or attic ventilation systems. Fresh air is then drawn into the home through windows and doors to cool your living space.

With the complex design of whole house fans their electrical aspects should always be left to the professionals. HVAC contractors in your area have the knowledge and experience to install a whole house fan system quickly and with little fuss. Their expertise allows them to perform thorough diagnostic inspections on the system to ensure that is running properly. This will ensure that your family is enjoying healthy, safe, and comfortable air quality year round.

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