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Energy Efficient Cooling

In the heat of the summer months, rising outdoor temperatures can make indoor temperatures unmanageable. This doesn't simply mean that homes can get a little warm. In some parts of the country, this means that homes can become downright dangerous during the heat of the day. For some, air conditioning in the home is more about comfort. For others, it's more like a necessity. No matter what category you fall into, it's important for you to have an understanding of energy-efficient cooling and the options that are available to you. It could end up saving you much more money than you think.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Cooling

There are a lot of benefits to installing energy-efficient central air conditioners. Some of these benefits may not be readily apparent to the average homeowner. Due to the long-term nature of many of these benefits, it can be hard to track them in the same way you would track an immediate investment. However, there are many ways for you to gain from the use of energy-efficient cooling in your home.

Financial Savings

The first thing on most people's minds is the financial impact of using energy-efficient cooling elements. While there are a lot of components that impact the overall savings potential of using efficient cooling, the savings are very real.

You just need to keep in mind that these savings are not going to become immediately apparent a week after your investment. They are definitely long-term savings that add up over time. Whether you're looking at efficient central air conditioners, efficient windows or digital thermostats, there's no getting around the initial expense. You can help to defray this by working with a qualified local contractor when weighing up your best options. However, even with these initial expenses, the cost of upgrading your cooling system to something more efficient may be less than you think.

More Convenience

Energy-efficient cooling systems are generally on the cutting-edge of HVAC technology. This means they are developed using the newest processes and built to the most current standards. This means that your system may be able to take on special custom functions that can make your life much more convenient.

For example, you could invest in a digital thermostat with an extremely accurate thermometer and a timer. The accurate thermometer will ensure that your system only kicks on when it's absolutely necessary. The timer will allow you to set your system to turn on when you're home and turn off when you're not. You can program it to correspond with your work schedule or similar set schedule.

Types of Efficient Cooling Systems

There are a few different types of cooling systems that can be an excellent option for people in a range of climates. Choosing the correct type of system to work with your climate is one of the most important parts of selecting your cooling system.

Reversible Heat Pumps

At its core, a heat pump is a system that moves thermal energy from one place to another by taking advantage pressure gradients. Warm air is more energetic and less dense than cooler air. This means that cooler air displaces the warmer air in a predictable way. Traditional heat pumps take advantage of this principle by directing heat toward the interior of a home. Reversible heat pumps take this principle and allow it to work both ways. This allows you to use the pump for cooling during the summer and for heating during the winter.

Due to specific mechanical concerns that impact the efficiency of these systems, reversible heat pumps are not recommended for areas with very cold winters.

Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is very literally a fan that cools your entire house. Using specialized ducts & vents, these fans direct air throughout your home in an efficient way that requires very little energy. Due to the simplistic nature of these systems, there are very few moving parts to break down. This keeps maintenance costs very low and keeps maintenance calls very infrequent. Despite the simple nature of the system, installation requires a qualified contractor to reach peak efficiency.

This system is very compact, very efficient and often within the financial limits of many homeowners. It is usable in many different types of climates. This makes it an excellent cooling supplement to heating systems for homes built in areas with very cold winters.

Efficiency Makes Sense

There are a lot of good reasons for you to consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient cooling system in your home. The money homeowners can save in their monthly cooling bill is enough to convince most people. However, there are also less-quantifiable benefits to consider like peace of mind and convenience. Everyone has something to gain from switching to more energy-efficient home cooling options.