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Concrete Foundation for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

There are basically three types of concrete foundations. These include frost protected, slab-on-grade and T-shaped foundations. T-shaped foundations use a footing that is placed below the frost line. The concrete walls are poured and constructed on top of the footing. Slab-on-grade foundations are poured in a single layer of concrete that is several inches thick. Frost protected foundations work with a heated structure. This method relies on two sheets of insulation to prevent freezing in areas with frost. This method is poured in one operation instead of three like the T-shaped foundations. If you are building a new home enlisting the services of a reputable concrete foundation contractor is a must. Many foundation repair technicians use concrete to reinforce your foundation as an inexpensive solution. One method of foundation repairs using concrete is to use concrete piers. Holes are drilled into the ground, and concrete columns are placed in the holes. The concrete columns go a long way in reinforcing the structure of your foundation while saving you money. Another inexpensive solution is the use of concrete pilings. The concrete pilings are composed of concrete cylinders and are much cheaper than steel pilings. Concrete pilings also do not require much skill to install. If you suspect your home has severe foundation problems, then you need to call a qualified technician for inspection.

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