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Sprinkler System Repairs for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

The best time to check your sprinkler system for possible repairs is the end of winter. The ground is warming, and you need to ensure your system is ready for a new season of lawn and garden watering. With just a few simple steps, you can save water and prevent major repair problems. Check your soil with a shovel to make sure the ground is completely thawed. Clean the controller, and check settings. Replace the backup battery. Remove dirt and debris from each sprinkler head while checking for obstructions. Replace worn or broken heads, valves, pipes and other components. Inspect the valves to make sure they function properly without leaking. When you restore water, release the valves slowly to prevent water surges. This will protect the system from damage due to surging water. Other problems can occur if you try to water slopes or hills. The water can puddle and cause soggy conditions that will kill your grass or allow harmful fungus to grow. If your sprinkler system needs repairs, choose an experienced contractor. The contractor will completely check your system to find the problem. Your sprinkler system will last much longer with regular care and maintenance.

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